Automation Technology

Automated Technology

At the core of Tubal-Cain you will find speed, consistency, and efficiency unlike any other steel fabrication facility in our area. Our Peddinghaus CNC processing equipment can expedite projects with precision.

Below is a list of some of our Automated Fabrication Technology we utilize to produce the highest quality and the most efficient pricing to serve our clients’ needs…

  • CNC Plasma Plate Processing with drilling, punching, and burning capabilities.
  • CNC Sawing & Drilling for process structural beam, channel and tubing shapes.
  • CNC Angle Processing.
  • CNC coping for burning notches and block outs in structural beam, channel and tubing shapes.
  • CNC Scribing for layout marks and piece marks.

Videos for each of our specific CNC Fabrication Equipment…

Anglemaster 643Q

Beam Coping Machine ABCM1250D

Plate Processor FDB2500

Plate Punch Machine FPB1800

Beam Saw/Drill Machine PCD1100

Beam Saw/Drill Machine PCD1100-3C

Peddiwriter (automated layout & marking)

HE&M Saw

Plasma table (plate burning) Hypertherm HPR400XD

Automatic Round Bar Shear MSI-70 (anchor bolts)

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