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Leading Industrial Steel Technologies

Tubal-Cain Industries, Inc. was founded in 1981 as a Civil Anchor Bolt manufacturer.

By providing great service and products, Tubal-Cain’s fabrication capabilities now include Civil Embeds, Structural and Miscellaneous Steel along with Pipe and Vessels. With a wide array of CNC processing equipment, automation and management software, our efficiency and production are second to none.

Family Connection

Tubal-Cain Precision Machining came into existence from acquiring Van Huis Machine Shop in 1991 from Edward Van Huis Jr and moving the operation to Texas from Illinois.  

Over the years we added CNC equipment and have continue to grow our capabilities.  Completed in early 2021 is a 7500 SF Climate Controlled Shop on our Tubal-Cain Industries Complex. 

Beginning 2021, this new state of the art facility will be the new home to our Precision Machining Division.

Tubal-Cain Values

Tubal-Cain Industries operates with Judeo Christian Values in everything we do. 

We believe in building mutually benefited relationships with our Customers and Suppliers.  We strive for Employee growth and satisfaction. We are proud to say that with over 40 years in business, we have many employees with over 5, 10 years, 15 years and up to 23 years of service.  Our founder Edward Van Huis III, is still active in the business today, as our Chairman and CEO. 

Tubal-Cain (tu’bal-kan):

Tubal, the smith, the son of Lamech

and his wife Zilah, who is described

in Genesis 4:22 as fabricating every

artifact of brass and iron.

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