Project Management

Project Management

Tubal-Cain Industries Utilizes Tekla EPM and Tekla Structures software to control our processes. 

Tekla EPM is a comprehensive software suite that provides a systematic, collaborative approach to managing our fabrication.  Developed specifically for steel fabricators, it delivers a smooth, continuous and real time flow of information throughout the project lifecycle.

The project management functionalities in Tekla EPM gives our project managers complete visibility and traceability of important project information for example…

  • Drawing Logs
  • Transmittals
  • Request for Information (RFI’s)
  • Communication & Project Note storage
  • Automatic import of Bill of Material (BOM) and Drawings
  • Revision Details and Change Orders
  • Direct importing of CAD and CNC files
  • Real time customer accessible Gantt Charts for project status


Our Production Control System is completely visual.  Our shop manager can efficiently route material and jobs through your production environment. The shop layout is represented virtually, allowing various types and sequences of material to be routed to the most effective workstations.

We can track all job members using production status window. We can see individual pieces and assemblies, as well as entire projects or material across multiple projects. This keeps the workflow for our entire shop running smoothly and efficiently.  We have the capability to allow our customer online access for their project to see the status of any piece member.

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