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The Original Wilson Anchor Sleeve

Tubal-Cain is thrilled to offer The Original Wilson Anchor Sleeves. Thanks to our large inventory, most orders can be shipped out same day. 

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Composition and Materials

Manufactured of high impact plastic and are non-rusting, non-conductive and lightweight. They are designed with a configuration that allows the grout and concrete to lock it in place, giving it greater pullout resistance than a regular grout pocket.

Technical Information

The Original Wilson Anchor Sleeve conforms to the following technical specifications:

Plastic: High Density Polyethylene

Density, gms/cc: ASTM D 1505-68.956

Vicat Softening Point °F: ASTM D 1525-70 256° / 124°C

Brittleness Temperature °F: ASTM 746-70 -180°F / -118°C

Torch Application: Slow Burn

Compression Test: 180 psi / 12.7 kg/